Reflection Amidst Covid-19

Some coaches who are HR practitioners, like me, are trying to maneuver this unprecedented landscape too. I’m the small business HR strategic asset ‘on call,’ if you will. Having this hands-on knowledge and skill set helps me to do more of what I love – work directly with people to rise to the next level. But right now, the next level is a challenge.

As this pandemic challenges all of us to put our strategic planning hats on, I’m forced to sway my path a little more in another direction.  Right now we’re all forced to cope, to be flexible, to be resilient, to be a collective and help others wherever we can with what we have. So right now, I’m in corporate HR mode helping small companies with complex HR questions.

Like any good HR practitioner, I’ve set up my proverbial tent in from of the legislative door waiting to be the first to get any legislative news for my companies. I’m constantly tuned-in to Bloomberg watching for the changes in economic behavior in anticipation of the ‘curve ahead.’ All this vigilance is heightened in relation to our current way of life during the pandemic. We are all heightened and we are learning.

We will learn from this, as we always do. Next time we will be more prepared.  But as most of us are forced to be home, we can reflect on our life and career and what has mattered most. Think back to five short years ago. Are you glad you took steps to be where you are now? Or are you wishing you took some steps to elevate your lifestyle and financial security so that you are better able to storm this current crisis?

Let’s take a reflective moment amidst this Covid-19 crisis. Where do you want to be in five years, ten years or fifteen years when another possible unprecedented event may occur? Will you and your family be as secure and stable as possible while the rest of the world wonders what their next steps are going to be?