You Can’t Buy Peace

“Tell me what you envision for your future.”  She wanted a better, more peaceful life. She had gotten caught up in the rat race to succeed. She has been running the race from her first waking hours till she closed her eye lids for the night. But she exhausted herself and was drowning in discontent. There was no peace to be found. So we talked.

“Tell me about…you,” I asked.

She described her beautiful home, her beautiful children, her beautiful husband. She described her successful business. She went into great detail about how her work makes a difference in people’s life.

It’s true; she is successful and makes a positive difference in people’s lives. “Sounds like you’ve gotten what most people are trying to get. Are you sure you need me to help you be successful, when you’ve already defined yourself as successful?” I was a little confused.

“But something’s missing,” she whispered.

Sensing her tone, it was time to help direct the process.

“Money seems to be good, in fact very good,” I smiled; she affirmed. “Your hard work has made you professionally successful.”

“Yes, but I’m not enjoying it. My family wants for nothing. We have so much, but I’m not enjoying it, and I’m tired.” She gave that long exhale that everyone recognizes, translating to a sense of hopelessness.

“So what do you want?” I asked.

“I just want to enjoy my accomplishments. I want to enjoy what I have… what my family has. I want to just enjoy life without the pressure of always looking ahead and worrying.”

“Ok, so your goal is to enjoy all your many blessings. Genuinely enjoy what all you have, including your family.”

“Yes,” she said, “including my family. I want to enjoy my family. If I could just be present with my family and they could be present with me. I would love that,” she said excitedly having put words to her feelings.

“Well then, let’s start there. Goal number one is to…write this down… ‘Enjoy My Family.’ Now, let’s work on the steps to get you there.  Tell me, what does it look like to enjoy your family?”

As she spoke, there I saw it…a peace in her demeanor, a peace in her voice. It was a beautiful picture she described. She didn’t need coaching to financial security or wealth. She had plenty of that which will pass down to generations to come. With all her wealth, what eluded her the most was ‘peace.’

A peace she could not buy because peace is never for sale. It’s simply there for the taking if you know how to get it.