Live Face-to-Face Is Good For the Skin

During the time of the COVID-19 outbreak, many of us were forced to cease our face-to-face communication with many of the people that we love and see every day. It turns out that this face-to-face contact can be the most meaningful level of connection is far more beneficial than reaching out over e-mail, Facebook phone or even a video chat.

Socializing with friends or family regularly face-to-face can be extremely important for connectedness and for reducing instances of depression and anxiety. With the inclusion of new forms of technology many of us were starting to see an overall decrease in correspondence with family and friends in a face-to-face format. Here are some of the top benefits of face-to-face conversation for reducing our stress levels and improving skin appearance.

Reducing instances of depression:

There are some long-term consequences to having limited face-to-face social contact the special with our mental health. New studies suggest that mental health can be improved with regular face-to-face social interactions and it can alternately reduce a risk for depression. Limited face-to-face social contact can double someone’s risk for having depression. Even if you have to stand 6 feet away, get some live face-to-face time.

Improving self-esteem:

Regular face-to-face contact can also help us to enjoy a higher level of self-esteem and a greater level of emotional intelligence and empathy towards others. You can be a more trusting and cooperative person if you are regularly seeing others face-to-face. After all, it’s hard to build a trustworthy relationship when you can’t see a person ‘for real.’

Lower levels of anxiety:

Studies have also suggested that we can experience lower levels of anxiety and stress when we receive regular interaction face to face. With a lowered sense of anxiety it is also possible to improve your mental health and your overall skincare as a result. Our senses are so much more involved when we can see our friends and family live face-to-face. If you haven’t seen the grandkids in a while, schedule a “Six Feet Apart” party. Get creative. Set funny little boundaries so everyone is guaranteed to stay in their spot. Make it fun!

Although face to face interaction can be challenging at times, taking some time to meet up with others and enjoy a conversation can lead to improvements with your overall health. With overall good health comes beautiful glowing skin.