Skin Beauty

“Close Pores?” What the Bloody Heck?!

Let’s get one thing straight… you cannot “close pores.” If you’re looking to close the pores, you will never find what you’re looking for.

Pores are simply the tiny holes in the skin.  Hair comes out from a pore – hair follicle. Sweat comes out from a pore – sweat ducts. We are covered in pores. We are a holey people. You cannot and should not close these holes. They have a purpose.

What is their purpose? These tiny holes cover our whole body. Some of them can go through the epidermal and dermal layer of the skin, touching the subcutaneous (I love that word) layer, such as the hair follicle. Sebaceous glands excrete their sebum into the hair follicle, keeping hair and skin moisturized and protected.

The sweat pores are our cooling system and another form of biological waste dump site. Our bodies come with its own AC, how cool! Not only that, we can sweat out toxins in the body through pores. We should pour out love for our wonderful pores!

Pores are good and we need them. Dirty pores are bad and can be enlarged or clogged and sometimes irritation and inflammation develops. No one needs that! When the daily gunk of sebum, dirt, sweat, and bacteria collect in the pores, piling up, it will cause problems.  Don’t look to close pores, look to clean them out.

Cleaning out the pores of debris can significantly help the enlarged pores to return to its normal, healthy size again – the size that has been predetermined by your DNA.

Based on your skin condition, you will need to look for a gentle daily facial cleanser that’s right for you. Don’t get sucked in by famous spokespeople who are paid top dollar to advertise products and likely do not even use one their skin. You’ve got to read ingredients and understand what you’re putting on the largest organ on your body – your skin, in particular facial skin.  

Remember your basic science class, like things attract like things. If your face feels like it’s just dripping with oil as the day goes by, you may be using the wrong products. So be sure that you’re listening to what your skin is trying to tell you.

Also, you may need to gently exfoliate once a week to slough off some of the dead corneocytes from the top layer of your skin. This will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. And remember to follow-up with good protection such as moisturizer and/or sunscreen, depending on your skin needs.

To sum it all up, don’t buy in to the “close pores” marketing.  It can’t be done. Be a smart skincare shopper. Know the ingredients you’re putting on your face. Be kind and gentle to your skin. Clean, don’t strip it. Balance. And protect, protect, protect.

And always keep it healthy for new skin in 28 days.

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