Get Paid In Intellectual Assets

Workers are losing money! No work, no paycheck. This kind of financial worry can cloud the thought processes from thinking of anything positive. But, breathe. Another ounce of worry is not going to improve our pockets. Instead, let’s think creatively about opportunities.

If you work for a company that offers professional development courses/opportunities, might this be a good time to utilize those resources? The time spent in improving your skill set is a time that will yield a higher ROI when the economy starts to take an upswing… and it will take an upswing.  So be ready. (programmer)

If your company has professional development for management personnel only, ask your HR representative if you can have access to these valuable resources for free. If you can find a creative way to receive intellectual assets if monetary assets are not available right now, why not do it?

When the world recovers from this pandemic… and it will recover… you may very well be in a position to move up to the next level in your career by the time all hands are back on deck in the workplace.  

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