Isolation and Loneliness are Killers

Life is a bowl of cherries until one is scrambling for hand sanitizer and toilet paper, long after the face masks and gloves are gone. The coronavirus has caused a pandemic from the small private mom-and-pop shop to the multibillion dollar company called, the government.

Businesses across the U.S. are closing, from schools to churches, in an effort to contain the coronavirus as much as possible. Distancing and self-quarantines are highly encouraged. This is all well and good, but might another problem emerge? Isolation and the feeling of loneliness is a killer too.

While the nation hunkers-down for a short time, there are those that feel isolation and loneliness on a daily basis. Takeaway what little social interaction they may have, they could easily and quickly despair. So, what’s the solution to the possible secondary effects of distancing and self-quarantine?

There can be a tremendous amount of good to come out of this. Families who have not had the time to connect can do so online. The technological advancements are such that you can online visit with family and see smiling happy faces. If WhatsApp or Facetime is not available to the elderly in your family, a good old fashioned telephone call is a beautiful blessing.

America is a self-absorbed culture. Our lifestyle is so fast that if one cannot keep up, they simply get left behind. However, when a national crisis hits, we are also the first to extend a helping hand whether on our own soil or foreign. Americans are tremendous givers when others are in need.

Right now while the nation has a major slow down, I encourage you to give of your time. Your time means more than money to many friends and family who have been missing you. Your time can be exchanged via online or the phone. Whatever the method you use, your time is more valuable right now than you realize.

Call your family. Call your friends. Make the time count.

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