Are You Ready to Rise?

Do you need a life coach? If you’re here then there is something, some goal or desire, you are trying or have tried to reach and can’t quite figure out why you’re not getting there. A coach can help you get there. By helping you identify the blockers or barriers that you may not be able to see, a coach works with you to get through those obstacles.

What do I do? I help empower and beautify women from the inside-out. I believe every woman has a unique gift and beauty to offer others. I believe every woman is a strong, beautifully created being. However, some women have gotten lost inside herself and can no longer see her gift, strength and beauty. This mindset keeps her from moving forward and upward. This is where I, as a life coach, come in.

Why work with me? I’m a counselor turned life coach, integrating over 25 years of collected skill sets acquired through education and experience to coach women to rise above the blockers and barriers that keep them from reaching their desires.

There is a coach for every competitive endeavor in order to be the very best – football, baseball, soccer, dance, gymnastics, swimming, pageants, spelling bee coach, math coach, and the list goes on and on. Life is a competition! Whether we like it or not, we compete on a subconscious level all day long.

Think about it, we compete for that open spot in traffic. We compete for a “look” that’s just a little or a lot better than our fellow sisters (you know we do because “beauty” is a multi-billion dollar industry!). We compete for promotions, sales (look at the long lines during Black Friday to be the first in the door), etc. We are subconsciously competing all the time.

What is your competitive endeavor? Is it a relationship you’re trying to acquire or liven up? Is it a promotion you want? Or is it to grow strong personally in order to successfully overcome loneliness, depression, and anxiety? We all have a goal we’re trying to reach. As your life coach, we work together to reach your personal and/or professional goals.

I want you to be successful. I want you to reach your goals. I want you to be empowered to move up from one level to another. I want to help you get there.

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“I was having difficulty reconciling my career path with my passion for the arts. The two seemed very different. But, Beth in her quite grace and skillful direction helped me see my path. No matter what difficulty you are facing it would save you time and energy to hire the best coach.” ~ Michelle M.

“Beth was a God send for me when I was at a crossroad in my life. Forever blessed by Beth to this day!” ~ Beth C.

“… [Beth] gave me strength to move on with my life. I was broken and suicidal. For a few years I had a life threatening illness, a heart attack, and a few things happened plus four surgeries in three months. I nearly died. But I remembered the words Beth told me. I owe Beth for opening the doors to the life I wanted to live from a life I was ready to throw away. You made a difference in my life.” ~ Amy G.